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WebTalk is a social media platform with a CRM built into it.

As a free member of WalkTalk unlimited amount of contracts, but if you want to use their advanced CRM platform you have to pay of course.

Their premium memberships are the following:

  • Pro ($20 a month or $200 annually) 500 contacts, 5 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members, 5 email messages, no banner ads and see who viewed your profile
  • Pro Plus ($30 a month or $300 a year)  increases of 1000 contacts, 10 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members and 10 email messages
  • Pro Platinum ($40 a month or $400 a year) able to view profiles without member knowing, able to search members based on age and gender, increases of unlimited contacts, 20 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members and 20 email messages

Retail side of WebTalk is advertising on the social network called EngineCPX.

Now the actual WebTalk social media platform gives you ability to give you unlimited contacts, it's when you want to use their advanced CRM system is where you have to upgrade.

So the platform itself is free.

WebTalk Compensation Plan

WebTalk has their business side handled through their SocialCPX.

This is how they generate revenue by selling the premium memberships and advertising fees.

The following commissions can be generated:

  • 10% of premium subscription fees paid by personally referred WebTalk members
  • 10% of ad budget spent by personally referred advertisers
  • 10% of advertised local services purchased through WebTalk
  • 2% to 9% of commission generated if a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed
  • 5% of app subscriptions sold via an in-house app store

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are offered to their first million affiliates.

To qualify for residual commissions, you must sponsor at least one paid member…

Your own subscription doesn’t count towards this…

All of the residual are paid through a unilevel compensation plan.

WebTalk caps their unilevel at five levels deep.

You can earn 10% commissions in the first five levels…

Now this is for BETA users only.

Cost To Join WebTalk

Cost to join WebTalk is free which gives you unlimited contacts.

Now when you want to use their CRM system is when you have to pay.

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