Do You Have 5, 6, 7 Projects to Promote?

If You Would Like to Purchase a Recommendation Page
You will need to send 4 to 7, 468x60 banner locations and target links
4 - 6, 125x125 banner locations and target links
4 - 5 Classified Ads with target links

And if  you, like a Background image
A Picture of you or a logo or anything you want in the upper left corner
Any Questions? Email Here
The Cost is $5.99
We Can Host this page for 120 days( Name Recommendations.html  /you can use a short link for promotions
Come's With 1,000 PTC Visits and a Visitor Counter at the bottom, If We Host
Completion in approximately 1 - 3 days

Pay $5.99 Securely with Paypal